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Appearance of You in the anime series.

       You Susugihara (雪原 瑶 Susugihara Yō?), voiced by Sayori Ishizuka, is the ex handler of Shirogane. You is called "GD's Destra".


You used to be good friends with Kurosaki Shuri and Kurosaki Yukari. After her father's death, she went on an errand to deliver the extractor of Shirogane, when she happened to be in the same flight of Yukari and Shuri. However, the plane crashed and Shuri was dying. In order to save her friend. You made Shuri into the burial doll of Shirogane using the trunk.(Later it was known that Yukari was acting as Shuri all the time)

Media info

雪原 瑶


Susugihara Yō?

Voice actor Ishizuka, Sayori
Anime debut Season 1 Episode 5


She oftens wear a black shirt, white pants , a pair of black boots and a necklance, with an aqua-blue and dark blue blazer with the GD's crest on the left. However in season two, she is seen wearing a polo shirt of similar colours and with a GD's crest, with black pants. You has short, boy-like blonde hair to ear length. Despite her boyish appearance, she is a female.

Before the plane crash, You prefers to wear a jacket over a mini skirt. After the accident, she started to have a more boyish look.

Personal info


Status Alive

Deceased father

Unknown mother


Former President of the First Student Council

Guardian Dragoon of Kanto Student Alliance

Asura Machina

Shirogane (Ex)

Kurosaki Yukari (burial doll)